Qazvin bar association’s building

The main idea for designing Qazvin club for lawyers started with a simple question: how can we design a project that merges into the urban fabric, while having harmony
with its surroundings and still be considered as a landmark for the city of Qazvin Therefore, our proposal is based on being formally contemporary with an elevation responding
to the building’s functions, as well as harmonizing with principles of Iranian architecture Having an intensive program and function, the building must respond not only to
the general needs of an administrative building but also being able to transform into an authentic union for lawyers According to depth of the building, appropriate openings
have been designed to lead the sunlight into the depth of the building. These light catching spaces provide natural lighting for the building, as well as creating semi-private
spaces which add to the attractiveness of the project The form of the site and the inconvenience of east and west light, the placement of bricks on the elevation has been
designed with a 45-degree orientation. This shift provides the interior spaces with a broader perspective and prevents from the direct sunlight from penetrating into spaces.
This approach is associated with and a reminiscent of traditional Iranian grid plans which create a picturesque(novel-exquisite) space according to the movement of sun along
the horizon during a day Considering the simplicity and easiness of implementation and benefiting from traditional and indigenous materials and technology was another
important aspects of the project. The elevation of this project is made of cement lime brick which is visually beautiful and economically affordable, as well as being an insulator
for sound and heat, with high pressure resistance.